C1.5 Silo Seal
C1.5 Silo Seal

C1.5 Silo Seal

  • C1.5 Silo Seal
    - 1l
  • C1.5 Silo Seal
    - 250ml



C1.5 Silo Seal is a simple wipe on, wipe off coating offering great protection and gloss enhancement for all marine finishes.


Silo Seal contains advanced UV absorption filters, ensuring a finish retains its gloss for as long as possible, and that the vibrant pigments in a gel coat, or paint, are not bleached by the sun's UV rays.

Why use Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal?
Silo Seal is very easy to apply. The high gloss finish will leave you yacht’s surface looking radiant whatever the weather at sea.

The sun’s ultraviolent rays are one of the harshest natural elements that you are faced with when looking after any boat, yacht or other marine vehicle, especially when it comes to premature dulling of paintwork and decks. That is why the UV absorption filters in Gtechniq C1.5 are fantastic, they act as a barrier allowing you to spend more time sailing your yacht than cleaning it.
One coating is sufficient for a normal yachting season, but more frequent applications are recommended for areas that are more exposed to UV rays - particularly those that are finished in darker colours whose pigments are more prone to UV degradation.
C1.5 is water, dirt and stain repellent making wash downs both easier and less time consuming 
Used in conjunction with UV-Wash and P1M Nano Composite Polish, C1.5 will contribute towards significantly lower maintenance costs as your gel or paint finish will retain its quality for longer through better protection.
On top of that, it removes the need to use harsh cutting compounds and cleaning chemicals to restore prematurely dulled finishes. Maintained correctly Silo Seal will remain on a surface for approximately 3 months.